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RESCUE DOGS                             

  The dogs we have for  adoption are known as "rescue dogs".  These are dogs
that  have come into  our  organization for  various reasons;  some are from
owners who have a  need  to turn in their pets,  some come from puppy mills,
and some  come  from  animal  shelters.  Wherever these animals come from we
"rescue" and try to place them in loving, permanent, forever homes. However,
we have  little or no  background  information.  These little dogs come with
their "baggage" and we don't know what is in there.

  Once we take a dog into our program, it is placed in a foster home.  It is
usually with several other little dogs.  In the daily care of these dogs, it
is observed as to how they get  along  with each other, their  temperaments,
energy levels, etc.   It takes a few days for them to gain enough feeling of
being secure to let their true personalities shine through.

  When an applicant applies for a particular animal, we do our best to match
the dog with a suitable family.

Wish List - 
  If you  would  like to  donate items that  are in good  condition such  as,
blankets,  towels, collars,  harnesses, dog carriers  or anyother  dog items
(excl. food) you can  drop them off at our  adoption clinic (scheduled dates)
or for a pick up of the items in the local area please call.....518-522-0668

  We frequently update our Adoptions page and also place listings at PetFinder.com. 
By clicking the following logo, you will be directed to our listings there.

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" The fate of animals is of greater importance to me than the fear of appearing
ridiculous; it is indissolubly connected with the fate of men."
Emile Zola (1840-1902) .


  Because we  take in and treat  dogs that are  older and often  ill, our vet
bills are almost always more than our  adoption fee. Therefore, we accept and
encourage donations. Maybe  a new or additional dog is not  in your plans for
now but you can still help with dogs that desperately need us and YOU. If you
would like to make  a donation to Heaven  Sent Animal Rescue  you can use our
PayPal link below.